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NJDEP's Recreational Trails Program has released funding for Pyne Poynt Park in North Camden

NJDEP's Recreational Trails Program has released grant funding for Pyne Poynt Trail in North Camden.  Located within Pyne Poynt Park, the Pyne Poynt Trail provides an important link for the Camden Greenway trail network, which is intended to unite Camden with its waterfront along the Delaware River.

In 2007 the organization Save Our Waterfront (SOW) was formed to initiate planning for the entire neighborhood of North Camden. From this planning process a vision was created to utilize Camden’s assets, for the benefit of the community. One key asset is the waterfront, though Camden residents currently have limited access to only three locations. The Pyne Poynt trail will enhance one location along the waterfront, by making it more accessible and in the future be a connecting link for the Camden Greenway trail network.

There are many benefits associated with the development of the Pyne Poynt Trail. The project will provide disabled access for those in need, provide waterfront access to an urbanized community, and enhance the scenic landscape.

To complete this project there is a partnership between various organizations including: County Parks, City Parks, Pyne Poynt School, Save Our Waterfront, Camden Greenways, and NJ Conservation Foundation.

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