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Business Community

The City of Camden is supported by a diverse community of businesses that shape the economic base of the city. Large entities like Campbell's Soup Corporation, L3 Communications, Rutgers University, numerous hospitals including Cooper University Hospital and Lady of Lourdes Hospital as well as a growing landscape of small businesses benefit from the growth of traffic to these institutions and from the strong customer base in the surrounding corporate communities and neighborhoods.

Camden's customer base is large and geographically varied, as the city so easily accessible from all points. Main thoroughfares connect the local suburbs to Camden, mass transit brings in workers from all over the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and the close proximity to Philadelphia allows for visitors to visit by car, ferry, and train. Camden’s East Coast location is ideal and closely located to major metropolitan areas. Just five minutes from Philadelphia, three hours from New York City, and Washington, DC, Camden’s central waterfront location is without competition. Easily accessible transit routes are illustrated at "Location and Transportation."

Large Businesses
Camden has numerous large anchor institutions which ground the city with economic stability and provide many jobs for our residents. The development and history of the businesses are intertwined with the success and growth of the city, and the organizations and the city work together to support and grow with each other.

Small Businesses
Camden's small businesses are growing in size and success. Steady commuter traffic and the growth of residential corporate communities have strengthened the consumer base, and the stabilizing effects of the large businesses have helped support small business growth in the areas around them.

CFP is committed to growing downtown hubs, concentrating on the areas surrounding Broadway, Market, and Cooper Street. For information on the plans in these communities, contact CFP.

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