Cooper’s Ferry Partnership / History and Mission

History and Mission

Headline about Camden

Cooper’s Ferry Development Association (CFDA) was founded in 1984 as a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to coherently planning and implementing high-quality urban redevelopment projects in order to help replenish Camden’s depleted tax base and to create a significant number of jobs for city residents. From 1984 until 2000, CFDA worked to fulfill its mission by concentrating solely on the redevelopment of Camden’s downtown waterfront. Serving as overall planner, promoter, and master developer, CFDA has attracted and coordinated more than $600 million of private and public investment to the Camden Waterfront. With this focused approach, CFDA has successfully put in place the building blocks for a vibrant, mixed-use waterfront community, which is anchored by family entertainment venues, office buildings & residential lofts. Most recently, CFDA has partnered with neighborhood groups and residents throughout Camden in the planning and implementation of community driven plans.

GCP was formed in 2001 to bring together leaders from the private, public and non-profit sectors to promote the revitalization of the City of Camden. Soon after its inception, the stakeholders of GCP devised the Downtown Camden Strategic Development Plan, which established the blueprint for anchor institution-led development in Camden. Since that time, GCP has been implementing this strategy through a targeted five-part model: clean and safe streets; vibrant commercial corridors; stable neighborhoods; vibrant arts and culture; and human capital programming that builds capacity among Camden’s residents. To that end, GCP’s project portfolio has included the establishment of a downtown business improvement district “clean and safe” program; development of several large transit-oriented real estate projects, a vacant-lot greening and maintenance initiative, public-space arts programming, corridor marketing/retail attraction, and local sourcing initiatives.

In February 2011, Cooper’s Ferry Development Association (CFDA) merged with Greater Camden Partnership (GCP). Together, CFDA and GCP united as one organization that continues to establish public and private partnerships to effect sustainable economic revitalization and promote Camden as a place in which to live, to work, to visit and to invest. The name of the new combined organization is Cooper’s Ferry Partnership (CFP).

Kris Kolluri CEO, Cooper’s Ferry Partnership