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Parks and Recreation

A major part of Cooper's Ferry Partnership's strategy towards revitalization of the City of Camden is through the implementation of parkland, open space, green space and pedestrian and bicycling trails. With beautiful prime waterfront property as a main untapped resource of Camden, parkland is an essential way to improve quality of life for residents and spark crucial economic development.

In the past twenty-five years, CFP has been dedicated to creating and restoring parkland, from the original Ulysses S. Wiggins Waterfront Park along the Delaware, to the historically restored Eldridge Johnson Park on Rutgers campus, to restoration of Von Neida Park in Cramer Hill, and Pyne Poynt Park in North Camden. In all parts of the City, CFP is working to improve, preserve and maintain existing green spaces while also developing new parks and green space. These projects include:

  • Wiggins Waterfront Park
  • Johnson Park
  • Von Neida Park
  • Farnham Park
  • Pyne Poynt Park
  • Fountain Park
  • Harrison Ave Landfill
  • North Camden Prison Site Park
  • North Camden Waterfront Park Plan
  • Cramer Hill Waterfront Park Plan

In the creation of park space, CFP recognized the need to coordinate connections between all these amenities. Since 2007, CFP has been coordinating the development of a trail network connecting the parks and waterfront of the City of Camden with the neighborhoods and important destinations. Such a network would also reconnect Camden to Philadelphia via the Ben Franklin Bridge and the surrounding suburbs of New Jersey. Such a network has been named the Camden GreenWay trail network. CFP works diligently to ensure than any new park or green space redevelopment project in the City includes a trail component and that all trails connect into the overall vision of the GreenWay. Information on the Camden GreenWay can be found here.   

To learn about upcoming events in our parks please visit http://www.ccparks.com/.
For more information contact CFP.

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