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Clinton Street

While locating the Battleship in the City of Camden is a success for Camden, improvements are still needed to the adjacent City infrastructure to maximize access for vehicles and pedestrians to this important attraction. Clinton Street is the access road to the Battleship along the southern end of the downtown Camden Waterfront as well as to surface parking lots for the Susquehanna Bank Center.

Cooper’s Ferry Partnership (CFP), in partnership with the City of Camden, completed the design of Clinton Street in 2012. Completion of the design to Clinton Street included street repaving and the installation of new brick pavers, historic lighting, and street trees. The approximate length of Clinton Street, from the centerline of Third Street to Delaware Ave, is 830 linear feet. Construction on Clinton Street will kick off in the spring of 2013. The scope of work includes street resurfacing, new sidewalks, and trees on Clinton Street from 3rd Street to the Battleship NJ entrance gate (roughly Delaware Avenue).

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