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Cramer Hill


Von Neida Park is Cramer’s Hill’s largest park and and a city-wide gathering place. Unfortunately, it suffers from frequent flooding, illicit activities, and disrepair. In the 2009 Cramer Hill NOW! Neighborhood Plan, Cramer Hill residents ranked the flooding of Von Neida Park as their primary concern.  The Von Neida Park Project aims to alleviate the flooding which directly impacts the quality of life of Cramer Hill residents.

In 2001, in response to the widespread concern among Cramer Hill residents, the Cramer Hill Community Development Corporation (CHCDC) commissioned a study to investigate the causes and solutions to the severe flooding in Von Neida Park.   The study concluded that the frequent flooding was caused by inadequate capacity of the combined sewer system and the low ground elevations of the area. With the results of the study, CFDA, in partnership with the City of Camden, Camden County, and CHCDC, secured $1.3 million to complete the Von Neida Park Stormwater Management & Park Improvement Project.  Funded by the USEPA and NJDEP Green Acres Program, the project will mitigate flooding by constructing improvements to the underground drainage infrastructure, as well as developing a surface stormwater management strategy.  Additionally, the project will improve the quality and safety of the park by adding additional recreational amenities.

In 2009, CFP partnered with Rowan University's Engineering Department to better understand the stormwater flooding in Von Neida Park.  A team started working in March 2009 to evaluate storm water management concerns by using a state-of-the art virtual reality system, the Rowan University Cave Automatic Virtual Environment, known as a CAVE®.  The CAVE is a 100-cubic-foot, fully immersive, navigable and interactive virtual reality system in which Rowan Engineering teams have conducted research for the United States Navy and NASA. Original funding for the CAVE came from the National Science Foundation.

The CAVE team's research and results are described in this short video.  Click here to learn about the CAVE!


In partnership with the City, Camden Redevelopment Agency (CRA), and NJ Department Of Transportation (NJDOT), CFP is managing the River Road Improvement Project, which seeks to mitigate truck traffic and promote investment along River Road, Cramer Hill’s primary commercial corridor. The goal of this project is to build upon previous planning efforts undertaken by NJDOT in 2005 to develop an implementation plan for River Road that will reduce truck traffic, improve the streetscape, and provide a better environment for retail commercial activities in a high-impact and cost-effective manner.

Earlier this year, CFP contracted with the Camden-based firm of Traffic Planning and Design (TPD) to perform engineering services for the project. Currently, the project is in the NJDOT concept development phase. After a series of steering committee meetings and community presentations, CFP and TPD have completed the conceptual design drawings and documents that incorporate the community feedback and coordination with NJDOT, Camden City officials, and Pennsauken Township. TPD has submitted the required environmental documentation and has submitted the final concept design to NJDOT that was approved March 2013. Full engineering and design will begin summer 2013.

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