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Pedestrian Signage Plan

In 2002, CFP, in conjunction with the City of Camden, designed and implemented the Welcome to Camden Vehicular Signage and Wayfinding Project. Supported by NJ Department of Transportation and Delaware River Port Authority, the purpose of the system was to make the first time visitor’s journey into Camden easy and enjoyable. Today, simple, bold and attractive vehicular directional signage shapes positive first impressions for those traveling into the city by car whether they are traveling to City Hall, Rutgers University, or Campbell's Field. In addition to serving the practical function of helping visitors find their destination, the vehicular signage system helps to highlight the number of key destinations located in downtown Camden and the system has helped to overcome the negative perceptions and fears many people carry about coming into the City of Camden.

CFDA is working with the City and NJDOT to build upon the success of the vehicular system to create a pedestrian wayfinding system that will encourage the use of public transit by people coming into downtown Camden. New development in downtown Camden is being strongly supported by public transit linkages including PATCO, the RiverLINE and the Riverlink Ferry. One of the biggest needs that has emerged as a result of the new transit and downtown/waterfront redevelopment is for improved pedestrian signage that will help visitors find their way from parking lots and transit stops to their destination.

In coordination with the City, CFDA is working with its signage consultant MERJE and a group of over 35 downtown stakeholders to develop a system, which will include orientation maps and directional panels throughout the Waterfront, Downtown, University and Health Sciences districts. In the same way that the goal of the vehicular system was to help visitors to have a seamless trip from the highway, to their destinations and then back to the highway, the pedestrian system will guide visitors as they get out of their cars, or off the RiverLINE, PATCO or ferry. CFDA anticipates completion of the pedestrian system in time for the 2011 summer season.   

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