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Farnham Park Development Project

Farnham Park is the largest park in the City of Camden, comprising 71-acres and bounded by Park Blvd., Kaighns Ave., Baird Blvd., and the Cooper River.  CFDA, in partnership with the City of Camden, is undertaking the redevelopment of the upper portion of Farnham Park in order to mitigate stormwater management and erosion issues.

The $1 million Farnham Park Development Project consists of 3 main components:
1.    Stormwater improvements, which include repairing the ravine conditions, upgrading the storm pipe system, and installing a rain garden on site;
2.    Connecting to the Camden GreenWay system via the installation of a multi-purpose trail throughout the park; and
3.    Park improvements, including repairs to the spray pool/recreational equipment and the addition of a picnic area for the residents.

CFDA has managed the project since its inception— securing the funding for the project, administering the RFP and bid processes, and initiating and overseeing the design process.  CFDA will continue to manage the project throughout construction. Throughout the project, CFDA has effectively coordinated all work with the City of Camden, as well as provided several forums for resident input. Additionally, CFDA has managed an environmentally intensive research and permitting process, meeting the guidelines of the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA).

CFDA will bid the project and move into construction on Upper Farnham Park by Fall 2010 and expects to complete the work by Summer 2011. Once Upper Farnham Park moves into construction, CFDA will work with the existing steering committee along with NJDEP, USEPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to focus on the difficult issue of Lower Farnham Park. CFDA will work towards the creation of a conceptual design for Lower Farnham that will provide a balance for the needs of environmental conservation and neighborhood development.

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