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Waterfront South Revitalization Project

In 2001, the Heart of Camden (HOC) asked CFDA to help identify a source of funding to develop a comprehensive community plan that could help attract new investment to the Waterfront South neighborhood. CFDA was able to secure a $150,000 grant from the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) for this purpose and managed the selection process for an urban planning firm to undertake this study. CFDA participated in the steering committee that developed a comprehensive and far-reaching plan that grew out of an intense neighborhood collaboration process, called the Waterfront South Strategic Investment Plan.  This plan calls for the reinvestment in Waterfront South as a key strategy to reclaim the Delaware River Waterfront. 

At HOC’s request, CFDA was tasked with developing a comprehensive program to eliminate or mitigate the environmental problems in Waterfront South which discourage new investment in the neighborhood. To guide this effort, CFDA hired a consulting firm to formulate a detailed environmental action plan entitled Waterfront South: Roadmap to Restoration.   The Roadmap to Restoration, developed during the spring of 2003, identified and evaluated the potential environmental risks associated with environmental conditions, and provided a process for prioritizing, eliminating and/or mitigating those risks as redevelopment occurs. 

Continuing the work of the Roadmap to Restoration, in 2005 CFDA secured a $150,000 grant from the State of New Jersey to complete a comprehensive Environmental Mitigation and Landscape Master Plan (EMLMP).  The effort involved identifying specific sources of particulate matter in the neighborhood and using best practices in landscape design to mitigate the effects utilizing buffers, vacant lots, and streetscapes. Since that time, the HOC has implemented several key features of the EMLMP.

CFDA is an active member of Waterfront South Environmental Network and continues to support the HOC and its revitalization efforts.

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